Why Us?

Why you should use Yellow Cabs

Malta is the ideal country  in which to use a cab. Distances are not long, resulting in cab fares which are very reasonable, Yellow Cabs especially so.

Missing a meeting because you’re stuck in traffic or trying to find parking may be understandable, but it’s hardly professional. Yellow Cabs to get there punctually and without breaking a sweat, and at the same time keep in touch with your office at all times.  Work on the go by simply logging into  the WiFi available in all of our cabs.

Yellow Cabs is an ideal choice for you on the weekend or when you are celebrating. Driving should not be an option, if you are planning more than a couple of drinks. Taking a cab is the responsible way to get around and carries no safety or legal risk.

Bad weather is also a good reason to Yellow Cabs. Avoid getting wet by using our door to door service.  Furthermore, if you are nervous of driving in the rain,  Yellow Cabs will transfer you anywhere, regardless of the weather.

Shopping, especially in Sliema and Valletta can be a trying experience if you need to park a car. Yellow Cabs solves this problem; we’ll pick you up, take you to the shops and come back for you whenever you like. Rest assured we’ll also have plenty of room in the cab for all your shopping bags.

It’s the same thing when you’re going to a show. Regardless of the venue, from the Manoel Theatre to the MFCC, parking is an arduous task, not to mention a hassle if you’re dressed for a formal occasion. Forget parking miles away and walking to the venue, just Yellow Cabs and we’ll do the rest.


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